Great Themes For Bachelorette Parties

Due to the growing popularity of the bachelor party, females have come up with their answer to this party trend, i.e. bachelorette parties. It is a common misconception that bachelorette party themes always have to be wild because not every girl is interested in having tacky entertainment, kitschy music or hot pink items!

You will be able to find plenty of bachelorette party theme ideas online. If all the bachelorettes have shoe fetish then stilettoes could be adopted as the theme for the party. Such parties can have a stiletto centerpiece, cakes with stiletto designs and so on. In fact high heels should be the dress code for all attendees of the party! In case of party favors, nail varnishes and pedicure kits can be given to the guests.

When you adopt interesting game ideas for bachelorette parties, you will be able to have the kind of fun that would make even the bachelors turn green with envy! Since bachelorette parties are followed by the grand wedding therefore the bride-to-be and her friends may be interested in throwing a spa-themed party that includes relaxing baths, exfoliating massages and great music. Spa bachelorette party themes are great because they do not give rise to hangovers or public embarrassment.

One of the many popular bachelorette party themes is the devil and angel theme. While the good-girl-bad-girl theme has been used countlessly for such parties, the good thing about this theme idea is that it never gets old! If you choose to go with this theme then you can either allow the guests to pick a side for themselves and dress up accordingly or you can have the guests categorized as per your whims!